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Wear your life jacket 

David O Coaimh Wear your life jacket video makes major waves in the community

Recently Irish Wakeboarder David O Caoimh published a new vlog on his YouTube Channel. One in which he highlights the danger of wearing your lifejacket incorrectly and the dangers that this entails. We have all seen the footage and content of top-class wakeboarders riding without the proper equipment. David once again has been brave enough to stand up within the industry and use his social influence to highlight this incredibly important topic within our sport. Watch the video below and see some of the big names that have grouped together with David to spread the message. Obviously its particular concerning when this trend is happening top down. Professionals we hope would always give the best possible impression in this day and age when online content can be so impressionable to a younger audience. Lets hope David has started a new trend within his peers. 

Judging by the comments on the video this might just be the case. 

The Peacock Brothers2 weeks ago

Such a sick video David! Stoked to see the support from the other boys too, the guys who are included in this video are some of the biggest names in Wakeboarding and are definitely some of our favourite riders to watch, so if that isn't enough we don't know what is! Stay safe everyone!´╗┐

Chris Rogers2 weeks ago

100% behind this man! I refuse to shoot with anyone unless they are wearing one! it's also great that the current trend is to wear your vest over a t-shirt, so hopefully, that one stays haha´╗┐