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“A barefoot tournament combined to a charity to raise awarness and funds for ALS”.

A funding page is now live for this event. All the details are below and you can donate here

But on that very precise day Andy McDonald contacted me, there must have been some kind of bump in the space/time continuum… On that day, I got the news that a friend succumbed to cancer. And all there was left do, was mourn and honour his memory. Also on that very same day, I got an email from an ALS charity asking for support. I suddenly realised I had two loose ends in my hands that just had to be tied together. Unlike for my friend, there was something that could be done. It simply took to say “YES !” to Andy’s project.

So let’s celebrate life in an event of friendship, joy and solidarity. It does not matter if you attend the upcoming event as a skier, official, spectator, supporter, donator, FRIEND... as long as you are there to make it happen and show the world the barefoot community stands together as one to support PALS*
*Persons with ALS


'The Patrick Wehner Open' is an Annual Barefoot Waterski Event to honour Patrick's dedication and commitment to the sport of barefooting. Ex World and multiple European title winner Patrick is an inspiration to all both on an off the water.

The first event will be held in Northern Ireland on 8-10th June and we need your support to make this a real celebration.

These much needed contributions will help go towards the necessary costs associated with running the competition whilst leveraging public grants etc to ensure the best possible competition whilst raising as much surplus as possible which will go to Patrick's Charities of choice 'Les Amis de Marie' (


I FOR Lyme

Whether you can attend or not, any small contributions are welcomed and we hope you can all join us in Ireland to celebrate life, prosperity and our wonderful sport of barefooting.


The McDonald family & the team at 'Barefoot Ireland'