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Posted By IWWF on 05.10.2017

See Below prepared by Barry, a great job and brilliant to see the all the Skiers partivcipating. A massive well done to all.

After all the number crunching and working Barry and his Team finally have the Results . Rd2 and Rd3 in the wrong place but the points are correct..

IN TOTAL WE HAD 49 competitors during the season..

Division 1 are in listed in the picture below


The Division 2 section Results sincere thanks to all the competitors..


1st Cornelia Krausz

2nd Cormac Collins

3rd Luc Cautley

4th Ultan Bradley

5th David Doyle

6th JoJo Cox

7th Cillene O'Riordan

8th Lydia Melville Scott

9th Louise Welland

10th Sally Magee

11th Harry Dickson

12th Brian Staunton

13th PJ O'Gorman