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All waterski & wakeboard events in Ireland have come to an end for the 2022 season, all facilitated by multiple clubs all across Ireland.

Thank you to all clubs hosting and organizing events and to everybody participating. Here are more pictures from the last event held in October by Wake N Ski

We are delighted to have seen many newcomers this year, and we wanted to express our congratulations again to all involved.

Division 1: Winner: Graeme McKibbon, 2nd Place: Sam Burke Kennedy & 3rd Place: Rodney Watson

Long Line Winner: Stephan Van Breda

Division 2: Winner: Lauren Hennessey, 2nd Place: Keanna McKibbon & 3rd Place: Marty Hennessey

Division 3: Winner: Trish Hennessey, 2nd Place: Pippa Durham & 3rd Place: Mark Fitzpatrick


Well done to everybody again and stay tuned for more IrWWF updates over the next few months!