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Ballyhass Wakepark 2018

Delayed a week with the red alert weather but scheduled for next weekend. 

"Unfortunately the bad news first. We are going to delay the opening by one week due to the red weather warning for Friday and Saturday. I know there would be alot who would volunteer to do the diving and get in the water, but we don’t want you to make unnecessary journeys!!"

"So the first day of the season is now scheduled for March 10th."

This was taking from a blog post from Ballyhass listing all things coming in this season. It sounds like they have a whole pile in store including; 

  • A paddys weekend opening event

  • New membership options

  • Full event listing 

  • Jam night sechdule 

We will be following up with them throughout the season so check back for regular updates. 

Check out the full blog post on the Ballyhass site here