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2023 EA Wakeboard Boar Seminar, Athens 3st March to 2nd April


The EA Wakeboard Boat Council held a Judging, Scoring and Driving Seminar in Athens from March 31 st
to April 2 nd . The Seminar was presented and delivered by:
Nuno Eca, Colin Hart, Stefano Durante, Bubi Cami and Irelands Linda Johnston.
The three different aspects covered were Judging, Scoring and Boat Driving. The Seminar was well
attended with over 20 from across Europe there.
I attended the Boat Driving Seminar, this consisted of a refresh of the Rules, some Driver specific duties
at Competitions, a Practical assessment on a G23 and on the Sunday morning an exam.
The entire event was made possible by the Greek Federation, and both Theodosis and Christianna made
us all welcome and made sure we didn’t get lost.
Results are awaited and will be circulated. The EA and indeed the Irish Federation always needs Officials,
and we hope to run a Seminar in December in Ireland to boost our numbers. Watch Facebook and
Instagram for details.


-Paul Carroll, President IrWWF