Over the past few years, Stuart England took on a Labour of Love Project, plotting our Federation History from its Birth to the present day. Stuart canvassed far and wide and has put together what can only be described as an outstanding record of our Sport and the people who made it what it is today.

At the 2020 AGM Stuart gave a presentation to the Meeting and later that evening, surrounded by guests from the early days to the present day, he expanded his presentation to an enthralled crowd.

What you see below is the end result to date, History is ever evolving and will be added to as we go forward into the future.

On behalf of The Federation, I would like to thank Stuart publicly and invite you all to read this Fantastic Journey in time.

- Paul Carroll


A Short Note on the Content of the different sections below, this Irish waterski history has been compiled from a variety of sources and from the most accurate facts available. If you spot any errors, obvious omissions or have anything which would add to the history, then please do contact the Irish Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, so that corrections and updates can be made

100 years of waterskiing - The Early Years.pdf

Waterski Clubs and sites in Ireland - Past and Present.pdf

Presidents and Chairpersons.pdf

Contributions and Achievements.pdf

Skiing milestones.pdf

National Wakeboard Champions.pdf

Ladies' Tournament Waterski Records.pdf

 Men's Tournament Waterski Records.pdf

National Tournament Waterski Champions.pdf

National Wakeboard Champions.pdf

Official Irish team participants at World Wakeboard Championships.pdf

Official Irish teams to World Ski Championships - 3-Event.xlsx

Water-Skiing in County Fermanagh 1956 to 1977.pdf