The Irish Waterski and Wakeboard Federation CLG are continuously striving to strengthen its governance procedures to ensure that the organisation is focused on achieving its goals, whilst working to the highest standards of governance and meeting its legislative and compliant responsibilities.

To that end, the organisation has adopted the Sport Ireland Governance Code for Sport and, in the opinion of the directors, has achieved compliance with the Code as of September 2022.

Signed Financial Statements 2022.pdf

CLG - Memo and Arts of Assoc Feb 2021.docx

CLG - Proposed Memo and Arts of Assoc April 2023.docx



Public Statement of Compliance and Comply or Explain Form.pdf



Policies - Anti Bullying Policy - Sept 2022.docx

Policies - Code of Conduct - 20 April 2022.docx

Policies - Conflict and Loyalty Polciy - April 2022.docx

Policies - Correspondence Policy - 19 September 2022.docx

Policies - Data Protection Policy - 19 September 2022.docx

Policies - Employment Policy - Sept 2022.docx

Policies - Equality Policy - Sept 2022.docx

GDPR Data Request Process and Form.docx

Policies - Health and Safety Policy - Sept 2022.docx

Policies - Health and Safety Statement - Sept 2022.docx

Policies - Induction Policy and Checklist - 20 Jan 2022.docx 

Policies - Matters Reserved to the Board Policy - Sept 2022.docx

Policies - Board Terms of Reference - April 2022.docx

 Policies - Mission Values and Objectives 29 Nov 2021.docx

Policies - Privacy Policy - 20 April 2022.docx

Policies - Responsibilities of the Board and the President - June 2021[75710].docx

 Policies - Risk Management Policy 18 Nov 2021.docx 

Policies - Role of a Board Member - 29 Nov 2021.docx 

Policies - Role of the Chairperson - September 2022.docx

Policies - Social Media Policy - Sept 2022.docx

Policies - Stakeholder Communications - 29 Nov 2021.docx

Policies - IT Policy - Sept 2022.docx

Policies - Volunteer Policy - June 2021.docx 

Policies - Whistleblowing Policy - 29 Nov 2021.docx