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[Updated July, 2017]

Doping is contrary to the spirit of sport and the Irish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation is fully committed to Sport Ireland’s Anti-Doping policy. The use of performance enhancing drugs and other doping behaviour seriously damages sport and undermines the integrity of clean athletes. By becoming a member of an affiliated club, or the Irish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, you agree to abide by the anti-doping rules of the Federation.

Please note that under the Strict Liability principle YOU are responsible for any prohibited substance you use or that is found in your system, regardless of how it got there and irrespective of whether or not you had any intention of cheating. Taking a substance in the knowledge that it is prohibited can lead to disqualification and a period of ineligibility for up to 4 years.


Check out this video made by the European Wakeboard Champion for 2015, 2016 & 2017  - Ireland’s David O’Caoimh.


Many athletes believe that they need to take dietary supplements to maximise their performance, but this is not risk-free and we encourage all athletes to instead follow a healthy diet. Taking supplements may inadvertently lead to a positive result from a dope test. Some supplements may be contaminated. If you insist on taking supplements check out the link below in order to minimise risk. Please note that it is not possible to eliminate risk and an inadvertent positive result could end up with you receiving a ban on competing for up to 2 years!

Club information

All clubs are provided with anti-doping posters and wallet cards at our AGMs. We ask all clubs to ensure the posters are highly visible. If you were unable to attend the last AGM, or need additional material, please contact the anti-doping officer at [email protected]  


Similarly, if you are running an event/competition at your club please ensure that the following statement is on the entry form and please forward a copy to the Federation secretary [email protected]

By registering to enter this competition you agree to subscribe to the Sport Ireland policy on anti-doping. IWWF policy is that doping is contrary to the spirit of sport and every club and member has a duty to ensure that the sport is free of doping. For up to date information on anti-doping see the Irish Federation website or

Check your medication

If you are prescribed medicine by your doctor please ensure you check that the drug is allowed by checking the database. Alternatively, you can download the Eirpharm 'Medication checker' Smartphone App available for iPhone and Android from Apple iTunes Store or Google Play If a medication prescribed is on the prohibited list then your doctor may be able to prescribe a similar or alternative product that is not banned. Similarly, if you are buying OTC medicines such as cold and flu remedies remember to check the app. Some drugs may be allowed in different presentations – e.g. Sudafed can be used nasally but is prohibited in tablet form ‘in competition’

If you buy medicines outside the Republic of Ireland be aware that the ingredients may be different so please see this link for alternative worldwide medication sites.

Here is the WADA list of prohibited substances and methods for 2017:

TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption)

If you have an illness for which your doctor decides there is no alternative to taking a prescribed drug that is on the prohibited list you may need to apply for a TUE or Therapeutic Use Exemption pre or post competition.

For athletes competing in Ireland it is only necessary to do this ‘following a drug test if the lab reports an Adverse Analytical Finding’. It is, however, vital that your medical records are kept up to date to ensure you can comply with the details and documentation required along with the TUE form – see link.

Athletes on the Irish squad, or athletes who are eligible to participate as individual athletes in international events, should apply to the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation in advance for a TUE. Link to form here: 

Please send completed form with supporting documentation to [email protected]  

Please note that you should apply at least 30 days prior to your next competition. In the event of a medical emergency, where the drug needs to be taken urgently, contact the International Federation immediately [email protected] 

If you are unsure of what you need to do see link below for further information:

Irish Squad/Team members

All Irish squad members (or their parents if under age18) together with their coaches and managers (if any) are required to complete the #cleangreensport e-leaning course (link below). This is an online interactive education programme which covers topics such as Doping Control Procedures, the WADA Prohibited List and the Consequences of Doping. and log in to click on the course.

The programme takes approximately an hour to complete and can be done in different modules. If you are selected to represent Ireland in any discipline please complete the programme as soon as possible and forward the certificate to:

Miriam Quinn at [email protected] and Wilbur Mc Donald at [email protected]  

Please note that this programme must be completed in order to qualify for any available funding, e.g. selection grant or performance award.

Apart from the anti-doping course being compulsory for athletes competing overseas, we encourage all athletes, together with the parents of young participants, to educate themselves on this whole area by completing this excellent on line programme.

Fact sheets

If you would like additional information on the groups of prohibited substances check out the link below.

Further information

For full information covering all the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation anti-doping rules, in conjunction with WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency), please click on the link below


Worth Watching

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