The IrWWF are affiliated to Sport Ireland and the IWWF. Both Organisations promote and enforce Drug Free Sport and Clean Sports for all.


As we enter the 2023 Season it’s a great opportunity for all athletes and parents of athletes to “Brush Up” on their knowledge. Sport Ireland have a great on line course ( Available at ) free to anyone. All our International athletes have completed it and all athletes who intend competing either at home or Internationally should do so also to enhance their understanding of Clean Sport.


The new Medicine Checker is a brilliant tool for everyone in sport so as you can check the ingredients of a drug to ensure that you won’t be in breach of recognised Anti Doping Regulations. See below from Sport Ireland.


Sport Ireland Anti-Doping Unit are delighted to announce that we will be launching our new medicine checker website on Wednesday 11th January. The website will be available via the following URL This resource is where athletes can now check the status in sport of all medication purchased in the ROI. Remember all athletes must check the status of all medication before consumption.

So Please remember Clean Sport is the Only way to compete.




A brief guide to anti-doping- Wallet card 2022:



More information: